Why You Should Have a New Year’s Resolution Buddy

Let’s say that you and 19 friends all choose resolutions for 2017. Guess how many of you will achieve that new year’s resolution, statistically? No really, guess.

1.6 of you. Yes, one of you, plus a little more than half of another friend, will achieve your goal.

Okay, so I chose the number 20, so I could give you a ridiculous number of people who will succeed. The real stat, according to a University of Scranton study, is that 8% of people achieve their new year’s resolutions. Hopefully, the 1.6 people includes you and your really short friend.

So how do you beat those odds? Besides making a SMART goal, grab a friend and recruit them to be your new year’s resolution buddy.

The Science

Studies show that something as simple as texting a buddy when you take an action toward your goal triples the rate of success.

Stanford News

There’s something about feeling accountable to a friend that makes you more successful in your goals. Whenever a friend of mine is stressed over how much work they have to do, I tell them to text me every time they write a paragraph or complete a little task towards their workload. They are often amazed at how productive they end up being because of this habit.

According to the science of Superbetter, by Jane McGonigal, “having at least two strong social relationships dramatically increases positive health outcomes and helps us succeed in our goals.” When we feel connected to others, we want to do more good and show more compassion. So, including someone else in achieving your goal seems to be a double whammy:

 – You get the dopamine (the ‘happy’ neurotransmitter that makes you feel great) boost that comes with making a positive social connection AND checking something off a list.

– This dopamine boost, and feeling like you have contributed something positive to society, makes you want to do more good, therefore continuing the habit.

Once again, we prove that #HumansNeedHumans

Your Challenge

In the next couple of days, follow these steps:

1. Pick an actionable goal for your new year’s resolution.

2. Make a list of friends who might serve as your new year’s resolution buddy. Who do you trust that will cheer you on and push you to do your best?

3. Pick one or two of these friends and send them a text asking them to help you reach your goal all year.

4. Ask them if you can help them succeed in their new year’s resolutions too.

5. Agree to text them an update every time you 1) succeed in your goal and 2) trip up and miss your goal.

6. Ask for their help if you get stuck while achieving your new year’s resolution.

Okay, now go! Oh, and Happy New Year, #TeamHuman!!!

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