Old Guard Looking Down On Leadership

I recently took on two leadership positions within the NY Entrepreneurs’ Organization. For me, it was a no-brainer to step up to a leadership position as I’ve learned multiple times in the past that the more involved I am in something, the more I learn and grow. It was interesting, however, to listen to the older guard within EO describe leadership positions as more of a chore than a privilege. It’s a mindset I know they are actively working on changing, but I’ve experienced this same kind of thinking going all the way back to the first time I got involved in something outside the classroom.

Student Leadership positions are often treated as chores that someone is suckered or pushed into. But with the amount of growth one gets to experience within a leadership position, they should be treated more as a privilege than a chore, and it’s up to the old guard to not just say it, but also truly believe it.

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