Playing to Win Can Get You Coffee

Playing to Win Can Get You Coffee

I woke up this morning in my usual haze, unsure of what was happening or what I needed to do. There’s only a few fixes to this problem, but my favorite is coffee. I leave my building, and silently praise whoever decided to put a Dunkin Donut’s directly next to my apartment. There’s always a line, but the wait is worth the coffee.

Today was different, though. When I reached the counter, I began to order and was cut off by the cashier. “Don’t worry”, she told me, “it’s already made”.

Dunkin was playing to win by knowing what time I come in on the mornings I work at Swift Kick and having my coffee already made for me. Why would I go to Starbucks for an overpriced iced coffee when Dunkin knows my order? Although I wasn’t sure how to react in the beginning (is this embarrassing or amazing?), they increased my loyalty to them. However silly it is, I feel a connection with the people at work at Dunkin simply because they noticed the frequency in which I purchase coffee from them.

What are some ways you can play to win in your school’s community?

  1. Notice the people that frequent the same places you do. Learn their names. Knowing someone’s name can make their day.
  2. If someone is struggling to complete a task, and you have a few minutes, ask how you could help. Chances are, their day will be brighter just because you made the effort.
  3. Make up some blender events to engage the community and enjoy everyone making connections!

Playing to win doesn’t have to be difficult. It’s the little things that really exceed the expectations. Especially when it involves coffee.

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