Red Rover at the National Conference of FYE

Red Rover at the National Conference of FYE

Happy to announce that we’ve been accepted to present Red Rover at the National Conference of the First Year Experience in February.

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It’s a big honor and a critical conversation. Definitely a challenge is that we had to submit our proposal some time ago. We had hoped to be farther along with case studies, but it will still be a terrific conversation.

Being free and open source changes the dynamic considerably. We are not pitching trying to get their money. We are explaining the philosophy and asking if they would like to experiment and learn with us. We are “round table-ing” with some new ideas.

There will be many schools there, all thinking about issues of transition – it’s the right context for the Red Rover conversation and, to my knowledge, ours is still a unique take on the issues.

We’ve loved the work of the Center for the First Year Experience for a long time. As Red Rover is sitting firmly in their play ground, we are also looking forward to working with them directly in the future.

How that will look, exactly, we are not sure yet. The great thing about Free, however, is that it greatly simplifies the collaboration conversation.

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