Do You Have The Spring Break Blues?

What exactly is Spring Break Blues?  Well, it’s when your still in the Spring Break mindset, so find yourself not being able to focus or be motivated on anything work related.  Trust me, it’s a tough situation because you still want to be that hard worker and person that other people can depend on, but you have no motivation to do anything at the same time.  So what can a person do when he or she finds themselves identifying as having the Spring Break Blues?


  • Think of all the positives in your life, not the fact that you are lacking motivation
  •  Sit in silence and stillness, and just focus on breathing

communityFind time to be with those who are focused in your community

  • Sit with those who are focused in classes or in a meeting
  • Sit in the front or near whoever is providing you with new information
  • When a friend is actively getting work done, join and start on your work as well

classMake a Study group

  • If you are struggling in a specific area seek help from the person providing you with the information
  • Ask individuals who understand the material
  • Make a weekly time to meet up with this group of individuals

friendsCall a family member/ friend/ anyone and talk about ways that you could get over your Spring Break Blues

  • Know when you are feeling overwhelmed and who can help you relax when you are stressed about not being motivated

These are just a few ways in which both my friends and I have beat our own Spring Break Blues over our years of schooling and work.  What ways do you use?

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