Top 10 Ways to Stay Busy on a Rainy Day

Everyone has complained at least one time in their life about a rainy day. Most people like to lie around and do nothing, but end up regretting that decision the next day. Student leaders especially know this feeling. So, here are 10 ways to stay busy on your next rainy day!

Get Organized

Be productive! Organize your school binder, class work, desktop on your computer, or even your closet. Take the time that you can’t spend in the sun and clean up a bit.

Take a nap

When I say take a nap, I mean a nap, which is usually 20-30 minutes. Don’t sleep your day away and waste it! There is so much you can get done even though it is raining outside.

Make some study cards

Take this day to make some simple study cards. This is not only productive, but it will help your grades in the long run as well. Make 5-6 cards between other tasks throughout the day.

Relax and watch a movie

Watching a movie on a rainy day can be very relaxing. You could always watch one of your favorite throwbacks and then continue being productive afterwards. The tip here is to try not to binge-watch a show. Make sure you take breaks and get things done in between.

Catch up on homework

Rainy days are always a great time to catch up on homework. Grab a friend or two, make a study / homework party and order a pizza! You can all encourage each other to get your work done.

Mingle with people in your hall

Take the time and knock on doors of those you may not know already. If you live in a residence hall, go walk around and meet people on a different floor! You will be amazed at how many new friends you could make.

Go puddle jumping

If you are an outside person and still want to have fun, puddle jumping is the thing to do. Get your rain jacket on, umbrella ready, grab your rain boots and jump away! Make it a fun game between yourself and your other rain-loving friends – see who can make the biggest splash!

Make a slip and slide

If you want to be creative and happen to have a tarp around, go out and make a slip and slide. Invite your friends and neighbors to join. Who says playing in the rain isn’t fun? It is even better when you are making new friends.

Bake sweets with residents

Baking is always a calming and fun task to do, if you know how to bake, that is. Grab your residents and treat them to a yummy cookie or brownie on a rainy day.

Spring cleaning!

IT’S SPRING TIME!!!!!! Take the opportunity on the dreadful rainy day to stay in and do some spring cleaning. Go through all of your belongings, donate to those who need things that you do not want anymore, and ta da! You have a nice, clean, organized room, and you helped a few people out in need as well.

Until next time, have a great day!

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