3 Unexpected Ways to Build a Unique Campus Culture

The best college experiences are the ones where you feel completely connected to the spirit of your campus. Fight songs, Homecoming, dances – these all aim to create a campus culture that everyone feels part of. But sometimes you need a fresh new idea to kick-start your community. Check out what these three colleges did to build a unique campus culture.

featureColoring book of upcoming events

This bright idea comes from SUNY Oneonta. They made a coloring book at the beginning of the academic year that showcased events that would be happening on campus.

Why is this epic?

It’s interactive. Anyone on campus would want to get in on the crayon-filled fun.

It provides information. A student who might not want to go to events will probably take a book anyway. This effectively gets them from “meh” to “hmm” by giving them information they can choose to act on later.

The Poetree

dft30_websizeYes, we have talked about this one before. But it’s just so good! Randolph College really gets campus culture right with this program.

Why is it epic?

It’s a tradition.  Traditions are great because it becomes part of the story of a campus, that gets handed down over generations. Not only is the event exciting, but the anticipation builds community.

It’s noticeable. There’s no way you can miss a tree on campus covered with poems. You just can’t.

There are many ways to get involved. You don’t have to post any poetry to enjoy this tradition. You can simply read the poems every spring. Conversation and shared experiences make for great campus culture.

stocksnap_pv1ibmz79mAppreciation Breakfast

At Rutgers University, at the end of every semester, each res hall gets together to say thank you to the facilities staff over breakfast.

Why is this epic?

It involves EVERYONE. This event gives students a chance to get to know the awesome people who keep things running smoothly in their res halls.

It’s ‘feel-good.’  Gratitude is a wonderful way to build that spirit of community. When so many people get together to say thank you, that feeling stays all day.

What does your campus do to create a culture that is unique to your school?

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