Utlizing Facebook Flyers for Marketing Red Rover and Swift Kick

A Guide to Facebook

Last November, Facebook updated its semi-useful “Facebook Flyer” advertising system. The biggest updates were better target marketing by keyword and the ability to pay-per-click instead of impressions. This is big news for people who work in the marketing industry, especially for a PPC Agency Los Angeles as what that meant was very little harm in setting up a flyer to test its effectiveness. And so we did…

We created ads for our Dance Floor Theory™ Leadership Training

our Secrets Behind Facebook and Myspace open campus lecture

and our Red Rover Orientation Software

The three ads have been running for just under 3 months and I thought it would be interesting to share some stats on their effectiveness.

So far we’ve spent $11.62 to have the flyers appear 177,835 times and be clicked on 97 times. That makes a click-through rate (CTR) of .05%! I know it sounds really low, but when you take into account the average CTR of a Google Ad is around 1-2%, it’s not too shabby for Facebook.

As far as I can tell, we’ve yet to turn any of those clicks into a new member of the Swift Kick community, but it’s not easy to track unless they tell us. The depth of our community allows someone to come in at any angle and click around for a while, as Kevin commented about in a previous post**.

I think we could tweak the text, title, and picture of the ads to increase the CTR, but for now, we’ll just let it keep running and see what happens.

P.S. – if you want to set up your own flyer system, here is a nice “how-to”**

** Link Broken as of June/2019

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