Why an Electronics Company Needed to Order 1,200 Mattresses

Hi, yes, Sleepys? I need 1,200 mattresses by next week. No they don’t need to be Sleep Number. The cheapest you got.

At least this is how I imagine this story started. (I don’t actually know if they straight up ordered these mattresses or not.)

Apparently, the important people at this particular electronics company decided it was high time they broke a world record – particularly, the record for biggest human-mattress domino chain.

Talk about company culture! I imagine that the folks at this company are pretty comfortable with each other, because they agreed to use their bodies on a twin mattress to knock each other down and be knocked down.

I can also imagine the sheer adrenaline rush and giddiness they all felt afterwards. This exercise was the perfect storm of employee bliss:

  • A ridiculous experience
  • A shared accomplishment
  • Team work
  • Awesome matching t-shirts
  • A break from the normal work day

All of these ingredients give each employee something in common. I can guarantee new friendships were formed and that everyone left feeling more satisfied with their company. I know from my time at Swift Kick that funny, crazy activities really create a lasting community within a team.

The Swift Kick attempted a world record too! Check it out.

Have you ever done something like this with your team? If not, what activity can you come up with that hits most of the bullet points above?

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