Q3 Retreat: X Marks the Spot

Sabina and I planned another retreat! And it was awesome/hot/productive/hot/funny/hot. It was a lovely 92 degree day when we welcomed two new interns, Sami and Jake, who fit in instantly. We started the day with “The Acronym Game,” where we took the first initial of all of our first names and had to create a sentence with them. Then, all six sentences were combined to make one larger “letter to the world.” Let’s just say it may have referenced “Smart Majestic Jumping Monkey Tag.”


Meet the interns!

We humorously introduced the interns to the company with a breaking “news report” from “SKNY” about red X’s being left all over the city. “Caring Kim,” a hypothetical advisor expressed her worry over the ordeal. You can see her statement here: (SNL, if you’re watching, I’m ready.)


Yup, that happened…

To stay with the X theme, we played a Red X Memory game, where we had to match a fun fact to the person it belonged to and the Core Value to its definition. Jake dominated this game with 10 correct matches! You can rest easy knowing the red X’s were a message to the new interns welcoming them to the team!

Hair flip, just kidding, The Memory Game!

Fear not, we did real work! We mapped out the entire quarter with some really great projects that we can’t wait for you all to see. Aside from Tom and I rocking our scheduled programs, this quarter is going to be a lot of fun.

Before dinner, we did a scavenger hunt of Lower Manhattan, where we learned a little Alexander Hamilton history, we saw art that survived 9/11 and learned how many steps there are up to the front door of City Hall. (The answer is 11, by the way.) The hunt led us to the Vietnam Memorial, the Titanic Memorial and of course the Freedom Tower, which is 1,776 feet high by the way. (The year the US claimed our independence.)

Sabina and I had a really cool place lined up for dinner, but they were too busy to accommodate us and don’t take reservations. (That’s NYC for you.) Tom, for the win, suggested an awesome restaurant, Clinton Hall. There was oversized Chess, Jenga and oversized food. Jake took on the Clinton Hall Challenge – three burgers, onion rings, a platter of fries and a beer in 25 minutes. Here is the before and after…



In summary…

retreat collage


It feels good to walk away from a retreat day with a clear view into the near future. Yes, things come up, but planning everything else allows for little emergencies to stay just that…little. Cheers to Q3!


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