After You Make An Introduction, Get Out Of The Way

This post is a continuation of our last post about creating affinity groups through shared interest introductions. Tom talked about how he connected two strangers at an event because they were both wearing Batman shirts for International Batman Day. Read the post here if you need a refresher!

After I made the Batman introduction happen, I have to admit, I felt pretty darn good about myself. I was doing exactly what I was about to teach the group about making connections. I was walking the talk. The newly minted Batman friends got deep into the weeds about various storylines and the inconsistencies between the comics and movies. They even talked about the evolution of Batman’s costume and why some versions had nipples. 

I’ll admit that at several points in the conversation, I was completely lost. They were talking far beyond my limited knowledge of the superhero. But that’s okay…

After you make an introduction, get out of the way. It’s not about you. It’s about them connecting with each other

As a Spatula of the Dance Floor, it’s not enough to make just one connection and call it day. Make the introduction, facilitate the start of the conversation, then move on to make another introduction. Rinse and repeat. The job of a Spatula is to elevate the engagement of the whole group, not just one connection. Anyway, you’ll probably get lost at some point in the conversation, not being as passionate about the topic as they are.

Remember, to make any event successful, you need two ingredients: numbers and relationships. The more introductions you make, the more relationships you create, the better the whole experience.

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