Combating Negativity in Your Community

If you’re like me, you have scrolled through your Instagram / Twitter / Facebook and probably have seen a lot of negative posts out there. Personally, I follow a few pages on social media just to see the funny memes/posts! But what I have noticed more recently is all the negativity within them. Yes, some call it humor, however, where are all the positive ones? 

I will admit when I see a post like these, I do giggle at times (especially when someone makes it a meme), but I also feel sad. It is sad that in real life, people do feel this way. 

From the post I have been reading to the things I see my friends share, it is heartbreaking to see so many people post about how overworked/exhausted they are, how much they do not like their job/community, and how they can’t wait to go home. If you think about it, at least half of our day is spent within our communities or at work. So why is it that our days are so overbearing and stressful? How do we change this? 

We change our attitudes and create positivity within our communities.

A Few Things We Can Do Within Our Communities To Share The Positivity:

Share The Positivity – When on any type of social media, feel encouraged to share something positive. This could be a meme, a phrase, what you accomplished that day, highlighting somebody else within your community that went above and beyond. It is always nice to give others something to smile about.

Talk To Your Community – If you have a bad day or feel burned out, communicate it. Tell your community that you need some extra time on a project. Talk with them about what is going on and suggest ways to help you out. There is nothing wrong with communicating and being honest. 

Adjust Your Workload – This may be difficult for some, however, it is doable. No one should feel burnout or stress on a daily basis. If it is too much work for you, it is important to bring this to your community. Another suggestion would be to organize yourself. On Friday or Monday, block out 30 mins to review your week. A few questions to ask yourself are:

  • What does your week look like? 
  • How can you adjust some projects to help ease your workload? 
  • What is something you can push off, and what is something that is a top priority?

In a previous post, I showed a great example of how to organize yourself.

Have a “FUN” Day Now and Then – This is something I have done in the past, and it definitely works! Talk to your community and figure out when your group can have a “fun” day. This could be a few hours or all day. A great example I have done previously is to create a scavenger hunt for them. They could do this in their own time by working around their meetings yet still having fun. Another example of a fun day could be taking your team to Applebees for lunch and then stopping for an ice cream visit afterward. All of this is great for your mental health and bonding within your team.

Provided are only a few examples I have learned through experience. I encourage each of you to take a break, relax, and do not be afraid to speak to your community/team members. Your day shouldn’t be full of stress; there should be both good and bad days. Live off the good days and learn from the bad. 

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