Confusion is Good: Create Weird Moments to Increase Team Morale

In NYC, there are plenty of opportunities to be confused. Whether it be a Naked Cowboy – an NYC staple – or a reminder to Love Allways. [As a member of the grammar and spelling police, the latter example quickly captured my attention.] Strikingly, these opportunities for confusing are also a way to engage all those who witness it. By joining in and singing with Naked Cowboy or taking a picture of and sharing the sentiment of loving, we welcome these moments of surprise into our lives. Capturing someone’s attention the right way can be tricky, which is why we have Dance Floor Theory Tip #7: Confusion is Good, Scaring is Bad.

The best part? We walk away feeling good. One of the rules of Blender Events is that they elicit a positive reaction. Think of ways you can make people smile or, better yet, laugh. You want people to join in or, at least, come back, so try not to scare them away. Getting your team’s attention in a positive way can lead to more interaction between team members and overall productivity.

Scaring is bad

After a Dance Floor Theory training, a group of fraternity brothers showed us pictures of a Zombie Run they did on campus. They had a blast running through campus as the undead, snapping selfies as they approached people. Because they had no context – and it was scary – folks in the picture were confused and scared. Not the best combination.

Here are some confusing but safe ideas you can introduce to your workspace. These fun activities allow for a quick distraction and a chance to try something new in the workplace.

Free Hugs:

Walking around with a sign that says “Free Hugs” is an easy way to take people off guard in a fun, positive way.

Free Shots:

No, not that kind of shot- but phrasing it that way will definitely confuse people into wanting to know more. When they arrive, have shots of healthy veggie juice available. Or make a basketball hoop out of the office trash can and have them “take shots” for prizes.

Random Dance Party:

You know the feeling you get when your favorite song comes on? The urge to find where it’s coming from will get people moving towards where it’s playing.

Surprise handwritten notes:

The time put into a handwritten note is a delightful way to remind your team of their value and contributions.

As a team leader, allowing these moments to happen creates a welcoming space that people want to belong to. It increases their feelings of membership on the team. Then, those feelings are passed on to those they interact with, whether it be a client, customer or team member. Share your thoughts below!

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