Why You Need to Host a Blender Event (Before Your Next Big Event)

Blender Events

How many times have you run around passing out fliers to only have 5 people at your event? Have you spent hours crafting Facebook events, emails and Tweets to only get 2 likes and one person who shows up from social media? How many times have you thought, “There has to be a better way!”?

You’re right, there is a better way. At Swift Kick, we encourage you to think of events in a completely new way. If you want to get people to your event, you should first look at how many people know each other! If that sounds confusing, let’s break it down.

You’ve created an event. There are activities,  music is playing, and excited team members are monitoring every area. You run up to people as they pass by to get them to attend. But they keep walking. Why? Well, do you know the person you just ran up to? Do you have a relationship with them? You might be thinking, “No, Melissa, that’s why I want them to come to this super-awesome fun-a-palooza I created.”

My response would be, “Maybe that is a bit too much, too soon for them. Try a Blender Event.

A Blender Event is a simple, low-cost activity that creates a pattern interrupt in a normal day.

A blender event can increase, or even create, a sense of community within a larger culture, i.e., college campus, company, town. A blender event can break up the regular, day-to-day things people experience and provide an opportunity for people to meet.  These types of events “blend” people who have different levels of engagement within your community.

If you’re ready to give this new approach a try, here are the rules:

1. Bring It To Them

Blender Events work best when they are done in busy areas. Is there somewhere that community members flock too naturally? Whether it’s in line for food, or benches by the garden or near an entrance- if that is where they are, then that is where you should be.

2. Positive Reaction

Use Blender Events that foster positive emotions. Since you are trying to get to know people and help them get to know other people, why not make them smile or laugh? When people feel the same positive emotion about the same thing, they’ll be more inclined to laugh and smile together!

3. Connect The Dots

Blender Events should be used in between your bigger events. As a sense of community begins to grow at Blender Events, larger events won’t be so intimidating to go to, since people have already made friends.

4. It’s Cheap

Blender Events should never cost a lot of money. Building relationships should be organic. A Blender Event is merely an instance for which relationship building can occur.

Ready to start planning? Check out our Blender Event page to get started. Comment below about how they went!

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