Meetings: I Was Doing Them All Wrong (You Probably Are Too)

Until I came to work for Swift Kick, I had the meeting thing down. Or so I thought. I had been taught since I was a resident assistant a specific way to run a meeting. Looking back, it’s as if all my supervisors had learned from the same place. It would look something like this…

  • Happy/Crappy
  • Important Dates
  • New Business 1
  • New Business 2
  • Some small argument that takes up the whole meeting
  • Run out of time and get nothing done

There is great news! It doesn’t have to be this way. From daily check-ins and one on one meetings, to weekly meetings and brainstorming sessions, there is a better way.

On March 23rd, at 12pm, we will be hosting a online training, titled Running Effective MeetingsYou’ll get details on how to best run daily, weekly and one on one meetings with your team. But here’s a quick sample:

Start meetings with a brainstorm

Creativity is like a muscle – use it or lose it. Brainstorms at the beginning of your meetings bring a fun, light-hearted twist to business as usual. Quick: 5 creative ways to run errands without going outside in the snow. Go!

Give shout-outs in your meetings

How often do you shout out team members for a job well done? How often do you say thank you? Put shout-outs into your meetings to remind everyone to pay attention to your team’s hard work.

End the meeting with a final thought

Allow everyone to leave a meeting having shared a final thought. This lets you gauge where everyone is as you go into a new work week. Are they overwhelmed, excited, tired, disconnected? Listen carefully here, so you know where to focus your attention.

These are just a few of the amazing tips we share in our online training. We can’t wait to share this information with you because we know you spend a lot of your time in meetings. We think those meetings should be productive. So, go sign up! What are you waiting for?

Don’t let a poorly run meeting kill your team’s creativity, motivation, and connectedness.

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