Melissa’s Summer Bucket List

Summer, summer, summertime! We are approaching my favorite time of year – when the weather is warm hot and people are happier. There have been a few summers, though, that have passed without really any significant memory. So this year, I made a small bucket list. Emphasis on small, because the more I put on there, the less I will do. Anyone else like that? Here are three things that if I get to do this summer, I will be one happy camper. (Fun fact: I don’t like camping.)

  1. Volunteer

    Besides talking about #TeamHuman, I live it too. Sometimes, I can get stuck in the regular “to-dos” of life, and I want to take more opportunities this summer to help others.

  2. Go on at least 3 day-trips somewhere new

    Learning about a new place, seeing and smelling new things…it’s just good for the mind and soul. Bucket list item 2a: select 3 new places to visit. 😉

  3. Get money smart

    There are two things regarding money that I have been delaying. One in regard to my taxes, the other for my retirement account. Sounds boring, but the longer on the to-do list, the more anxiety they give me. In addition, I’d like to learn more about investing.

Now that I look at the list, it is a reflection of my New Year’s Resolution. In a way, summer is just a chance to come back to life again. Reassess where you are and where you want to be, and start now! There is no better time.

Do you have a summer bucket list? Share in the comments.

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