It’s October Already? Stay Cool, Your Community Has Your Back

How many of you have looked at the calendar and said, “When did October get here?” If you’re like me, it may have even happened multiple times a day since October 1st. Here are some things to remember in

Offer to help your teammates when they need it.

If you have time, offering some of it could ease an immense amount of stress on someone else.

Count on your team to complete assigned tasks.

You shouldn’t feel like you have to micromanage or check in all the time. Delegate tasks appropriately and hold people accountable if things don’t get finished.

Take time to take care of yourself.

Whether it is midterms or papers, this time in the semester is a busy one. Set aside a few hours each week for yourself. Nap, eat, see a movie…whatever it is you need to do to re-charge.

Open up!

If there are important things happening in your life that could affect your team, let them know. They may have a piece of advice or a good listening ear to help you feel better.

Be present.

Stay in the moment in everything you do. It can be easy to be in one meeting prepping for the next one. Staying present means better contributions and validation that what’s going on around you is important.

Effort supersedes perfection.

Everything doesn’t need to be perfect all the time. Progress takes time.

Remember to stop and smell the roses!

Enjoy what you have accomplished so far. Take a deep breath and look around from time to time. You’ll like what you see.


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