Who Wants To Go Bowling Naked?

Would you be interested in joining a group of strangers for a round of bowling…naked?!? What about naked yoga? 

The Baltimore Yoga and Meditation community currently have 582 members who are passionate or curious about the idea of doing normal social activities like bowling, yoga, and swimming… only, they want to do it in the nude.

So, would you join them?

I know some of you would instantly say, “hell yes!” while others would be confused or entirely pass on the idea of rubbing cheeks with strangers.

That’s exactly what you want from your own community.

You want to build the type of community that causes someone passing by to go, “These are my people!” That type of passion drives members’ engagement.

I’ll take 25 passionate community members any day over 100 indifferent members.

Here are five ways to make sure you aren’t building a community for everyone:

1) Scan your current membership (or yourself, if it’s just you) and pull out the weird attributes that will make your community unique.

2) Write out a list of the psychographics and demographics for your ideal community member. 

3) Give that avatar a name like “Happy Holly” or “In The Nude Jude.” 

4) Update your marketing material to include keywords that will attract your ideal community member and cause your non-ideal people to be confused and walk away.

5) Embrace/celebrate the parts of your community that make you YOU. 

Remember, you don’t want your community to be a community for everyone. You want to attract the people that best match the unique parts of your mission, purpose, values, and traditions.

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