And the Winning 2022 #FreeHugs Postcard Is…

Thank you to everyone who has participated by submitting wonderful designs and voting for our 2022 #FreeHugs postcard! We are so grateful to Jonny Division Martinez for such creative contributions. She designed 3 wonderful postcards for us and through your votes, one was chosen!

Jonny is an Early Childhood Education (PreK – 4) major with Special Education Certification at Alvernia University in Pennsylvania.

Fun facts about Jonny:

  • She was born in the Dominican Republic and lived in the Virgin Islands.
  • She speaks Spanish.
  • Her name is Jonny but is pronounced as Honey.

Now, for what we all have been waiting for, the winning design is…

Free Hugs Bear

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Thanks again for all your votes and a special thank you to everyone who has submitted designs for the 2022 #FreeHugs Postcards. We had a lot to choose from and cannot WAIT to see what you all bring for the #2023 #FreeHugs Card next year!

We are excited to get these printed and sent out!

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